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Buy Cheap Aion Kinah from the Kinah Official Supplier

Aion Kinah Delivery Method:

We use two safety tested deliver methods.

Face to Face:

Private store method is usually used to trade kinah. To start a private store, press "y" and put one or a few junk items there at the total price of the delivery amount. Provide the junk item in the private store trade window is to make the trade appear legit and avoid potential detection mechanism. Be sure not to be in group and wait for invite from our delivery character after the order is placed.


This is the alternative method. Aion Kinah will be delivered via in-game mail system. You must log in to accept it within 48 hours of order placement. If you fail to log in within this time frame, we will not accept responsibility for seized Kinah.

Our Advantage:

If this is your first time at our shop, please allow me to highlight a few of the reasons why you’ll never want to go anywhere else for your Aion gaming needs =)

Delivery Time Guarantee:

If the amount of Aion Kinah you order from us is less than 3 Mil, we are usually able to deliver within 2-4 hour after order verification. If we cannot complete your order within 24 hours, we will give you 2% extra of total value of your order (Less than or equal to 3 Mil), and continue working on delivering your Kinah ASAP! Delivery times may vary according to demand and supply line.

Best Deal Guarantee:

Aionkinah.org will always give you top prices for your kinah, and great service! If you find cheaper Aion Kinah prices anywhere, show us the link and we'll match or beat them!

Referral Program:

Tell your friends about Aionkinah.org, and you'll earn 10% on all purchases they make!

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